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    Course Syllabus 


    United States History & Government

    History's importance rests with its usefulness. This course is designed for the student to analyze the ideas, people and events that have contributed to the growth of the United States.  During this year long course students will have to analyze documents, write essays, present projects, and compare historical events to other events in history, other curriculums and to modern events.  There is a Regents exam at the end of the year which accounts for 20% of the grade for the course.  Students will have countless opportunities to apply the lessons from history into various aspects of their lives.

    Key Units to Cover

    Unit 1:  The Constitution: The Foundation of American Society

    Unit 2:  The Constitution Tested:  Nationalism and Sectionalism

    Unit 3:  The Reconstructed Nation

    Unit 4:  The Rise of American Business, Industry and Labor, 1865- 1920

    Unit 5:  Reform in America

    Unit 6:  Rise of American Power

    Unit 7:  Prosperity and Depression: 1920-1941

    Unit 8:  Peace in Peril: 1933-1950

    Unit 9:  The United States as a World Power: 1945-1975

    Unit 10: Post- War Social Changes: “Power to the People”

    Unit 11: The 1970s and 1980s

    Unit 12: The 1990s to Today