• Mr. Macklin                                                  Classroom Expectations & Rules of Conduct


    Place in the first page of your notebook/binder


    9 & 10 AP World History

                                           9th Global History Honors

    World at War

    PIG  & Economics

    Latin American Studies

    US History 


    All students must pass the New York State Regents Exam in order to graduate from High School.  If you fail the Regents Exam your graduation from John Jay may be in jeopardy.   All seniors must complete 10 hours of Community Service and attend a Town/School Board Meeting.


    1)       Arrive to class before the bell rings.  Sit in seat – lateness will not be tolerated.
    2)      Two inch ring binder (200 sheet loose-leaf), pen and a folder – everyday to class.
    3)      Homework will be assigned most nights – including weekends and vacations. (1 point off your final making period average for every incomplete homework.)
    4)      Frequent missed homework assignments will force Mr. Macklin to call home and write discipline referrals.
    5)      Do not get out of your seat when class is in session – unless you have permission.
    6)      Misbehaving, excessive lateness, doing nothing at all and especially rude conduct will result in a phone call home to set up a meeting with parents/guardians.
    7)      No writing on Mr. Macklin’s chalk or white boards.
    8)      Sign in and out book for leaving the room – bathroom emergency only.
    9)      Frequent notebook checks – quiz grade.
    10)  Scrapbooks, projects, research papers, resumes and any other major graded assignment must be handed in on time. 
    11)  Academic dishonesty (cheating) will result in receiving a zero and a call home.
    12)  Eating and drinking in class is not permitted, unless prior permission is granted.
    13)  Writing on desks will not be tolerated, you will spend time cleaning them.
    14)  Smart and Cell Phones, IPods, MP3 Players and/or any other electronic device is not permitted in class.  If they ring during class time Mr. Macklin will take them away.  Possibly hand them over to the student’s administrator.

    15)  Proper Heading on all assignments.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the loss of 3 points on each assignment.

    Student’s Name                                Date

    Mr. Macklin                                      Class Title/Period #


    16)   Marking Period grade/average will be calculated on the following:
    a)      Unit Tests (100pts), b) Mini-quizzes (25pts),  c) Movie Notes (100, 75, 50, 25pts),  d) Major quizzes (50pts),  e) Pop Quizzes (25, 50pts), f) PIG/W@W Scrapbooks (700 or 800pts), g) Latin American/Economics Scrapbooks (700pts)

    17)  All research papers are to be completed on time and in proper English MLA Format.  Late papers will result in the loss of 10 points for being late.  Any Research Papers, Unit Tests, Scrapbooks, Resumes and any other assignments that must be resubmitted will then be averaged together.  (1st and 2nd grade averaged to receive final grade)


    18)  Final Quarter Average:

    Unit Tests + Major/Minor Quizzes + Movie Notes + Scrapbooks/Resumes

    -          -     -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -

    Divide by Total Points for all assignments


    Equals Final Student Marking Period Average (simple math)


    19)   At the end of 9th grade AP World History, any student who fails to maintain an 85% will be asked to withdraw from the AP Course.  The student will then continue in 10th Grade Honors Global History. 
    19A)  Both US History and Global Studies have a NY State Regent Exam at the completion of the school year. 
    20 Final Exam = 20% or 1/5 of students total average.

    21)   Final Exam for electives could include – Multiple Choice, Matching, Essays, Short Answers