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    AP PHYSICS C 2019-20

    AP Physics Syllabus 2019-20 (Will be updated in the fall of 2020)

    How to be Successful in this Physics Class


    Hello, and welcome to AP Physics C. Please be aware that calculus is required for this course. The AP Physics C exams (there are two) are on Monday May 4th, 2020 starting at about noon (Mechanics) and 2 pm (Electricity and Magnetism).

    1. Students are EXPECTED to take the Mechanics test.
    2. Students who are willing to put in extra independent work are encouraged to take the Electricity and Magnetism exam also. Due to the amount of content in the curriculum, it’s unlikely we will have time to cover the entire unit on E&M before the test date. Students who wish to take the E&M test are expected to study independently and solicit additional help outside of regular classroom hours when needed.



    There is no summer work per-se, but students should be prepared to take a test after the first week of school. Please review ahead of time. The test questions will be taken directly from past Physics Regents exams from the years 2015-19. These tests and the test answers are available online. The test will include topics in measurement, mechanics, forces, energy and momentum. The test will NOT include questions related to waves, electricity or modern physics.