English 10 Honors                                        

    Course Overview


    Our goal for the tenth grade Honors classes is to provide a challenging and scholarly environment that fosters each student’s growth as an independent thinker, reader, writer, listener, and speaker.  To that end, students should expect a significant increase in the amount of and intensity of both independent and group work, with a particular focus on thinking, analysis, discussion, and writing. Ultimately we want students to be prepared for the rigorous challenge of the 11 AP program.

    Students will continue to hone the skills they began to develop in their freshman year.  These include but are not limited to:

    Speaking and Listening

    • Informal and formal discussions (small and large group)                                                      
    • Performances                                                                                                                                     
    • Presentations: Digital and multi-modal (individual and group)


    • Non-fiction (memoirs and various modes of discourse)
    • Fiction (novels, short stories, and drama)
    • Poetry
    • Speeches



    • Free Writing/Reflective Writing
    • Argumentation
    • Research
    • Literary and Rhetorical Analysis
    • Modes of Discourse


    See the NY State Dept of Education site on Common Core Standards for more detailed information:


    Texts used may include:

    Their Eyes Were Watching God

    The Grapes of Wrath      

     Of Mice and Men                                         

    The Scarlet Letter  

    Taming of the Shrew                                                                                                                                                                                                         


    Raisin in the Sun

    The Art of Styling Sentences                                                                                            

    The Bedford Reader                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


    Dear students,

    This year we’ll embark on an incredible journey of writing, reading, learning, thinking, and discussing.  I firmly believe in writing and talking as vehicles for thinking. The honors classroom  - an environment of inquiry and learning – will be a place where you ask and answer thought-provoking questions about the literature you  read. You will participate in class discussions (small and large group) and these will be a foundation for your understanding of the novels we read. You will also begin a regular writing practice with the purpose of continuing to strengthen

    your writing skills while simultaneously preparing you for AP.


    As in any class I expect you to:

    • participate in an engaged and respectful way
    • have a desire to strengthen and improve your writing skills
    • read and think about the material assigned to you (no shortcuts please)
    • be in your seat and ready to go when the bell rings
    • be prepared with the appropriate materials
    • complete all your homework assignments in a timely manner




    I use a total point system that generally follows these guidelines:

    • class participation: 5-15 pts
    • homework: 5-10 pts
    • classwork: 10-15 pts
    • quizzes: 10-20 pts
    • group assignments or small presentations: 25-45 pts
    • informal writing responses: 20-30 pts
    • formal, larger writing responses or large projects/tests: 30-50 pts
    • formal discussions: 40-60 pts


    When there is homework, it will be posted in the classroom and on instagram @thisenglishteacher.

    It is also posted on my professional Instagram: @thisenglishteacher


    Late work

    In an honors program, all work is expected on time. A late assignment (i.e. an essay or project), will necessitate a meeting with your parents and guidance counselor to discuss whether the honors program is a right fit for you.

    Extra Credit

    I do not offer extra credit.


    Contact info

    I can be contacted during school hours at 897-6700 ext. 30080 or by email at bianca.ferris@wcsdny.org.