• About Mrs. Huppert
    I love math and I love to travel.  (I've been to all 50 states!)  

    I am from
    Long Island--I graduated from Commack High School, and then started my life
    adventure.  I attended Roanoke College in Virginia, where I got my bachelor’s
    degree in math.  I also taught in Roanoke.  I decided to get my Master’s
    degree in Anthropology, which I did at the University of Wyoming.  While in
    Wyoming, I was project coordinator for a program for adults with
    severe/profound disabilities.   I also fell in love with winter sports! My winters
    are often spent skiing, snowshoeing, and skating.
    I wanted one more adventure
    before returning
    to New York, so I moved to Alaska, where I taught in the Anchorage
    District.  As you can imagine, I was able to enjoy those winters. The summers
    were pretty great, too!
    Although I loved my two year experience there, I wanted to come
    home and be closer to my family.  I love living in New York.

    I started teaching in the Wappingers Central School District in 2006 and have enjoyed every minute!