• Welcome to English 9 and welcome to John Jay High School. I would like to take this opportunity to review my guidelines and expectations for the year. The first year of high school will be a challenging one: a new building, new faces in the halls, taking on a heavier and more difficult course load, and taking on more individual responsibility. In this class, you will be expected to take full responsibility for all of your actions and your work. I will be here to guide you through all of the following class requirements.

     Essential Materials (please bring with you every single day!): 1. PLENTY of loose-leaf paper in a three-ring binder. 2. folder dividers for handouts. 3. a working pen ( blue or black ink). 4. a pencil 5. a highlighter 6. a book for independent reading

    General Classroom Procedures and Conduct: 

     Be in your seat and ready to begin class before the late bell rings. 

     You will see written on the board today's DO NOW. I expect you to follow any instructions written on the board immediately after bell rings. 

     Class ends when the bell rings and no sooner. Please do not take it upon yourself to pack up early and do not line up at the door.

    The following behaviors are unacceptable in class:

     Lateness/ Cutting class

     Excessive talking or goofing around / Refusal to do work/Insubordination 

     Cell phone usage (off and away unless as directed for a class assignment)

     Eating or drinking (only water is okay) in the classroom

     Attendance: To fully participate and do well in this class, you must be here on a consistent basis. Failure to attend class regularly will result in a lower class work grade. 

    The most common way I will contact you is via email. In order to receive periodic updates on grades, assignments, report cards, etc., please email me at: eileen.clancy@wcsdny.org. 

    Course Requirements: English 9 REGENTS Code: E341 Full Year (9) (1 credit) Prerequisite: Pass English 8 

    Areas of Study Include: Course Concept: The Journey Quotation: “Not every journey takes place on the road.” Essential Question: How is one’s journey a metaphor for life?  Literature: • The Giver• Poe Collection• The Miracle Worker  Monster• The Odyssey • Romeo and Juliet  • Speak • The House on Mango Street• • The Outsiders •  Mythology and Folklore • Various essays, poetry and short stories• Writing Skills/Qualities:• Ideas• Organization• Voice• Sentence Fluency • Word Choice• Writing Tasks may include but are not limited to: • Journal and journal responses• Analytical Essay • Claim Essay• Personal Narrative•  Research•  Independent Reading Assignments• Listening activities and exercises • Oral Presentations• Literary Terms and Devices• Vocabulary • Grammar

    Grading: Daily Preparation/Participation: 20% Quizzes/Tests: 30% Tests: 40% Writing  Projects: 40%