• Here is the calendar with updates related to meetings and events:
    Who are the officers for this year?
    •  President: Kristen Seward
    • Vice Presidents :  Dominick and Gregory Forlenza
    • Secretary: Sarah MacEntee
    • Treasurer: Nicholas Roth
    Why do we have bake sales? How is a bake sale run?
    If  possible, we try to have a bake sale each month- it's main objective is to give our group a working fund for the things we want to do as a group - without having to dip into our major school account.  We use that money to buy snacks for each meeting and/or to offset the cost of club T-shirts.
    At times, we decide to use the proceeds to contribute to a special cause or event that is being sponsored at school- whether by us or other student organizations
    How can I earn participation credit?
    Participation credit is earned by contributing to bake sales, by participating in our events both in school and off .  You can bake and earn credit, sell baked goods and earn credit, contribute to our food drive and earn credit, help set up for a function, etc, etc.
    How do I earn meeting points?
     Meeting credit is also needed to be inducted in the spring .  We want to see you at our meetings so you can know what is going on and when and also contribute to the discussion and the choices made by the group.   If you miss a meeting we will post the minutes (a summary) of  what was discussed and decided . 
    How do I receive updated information?
    The system we have been using thus far is personal emails- but as of 2016-17 we have also created a Google Classroom - Societa (code: 6tdkor).  
    How much service and meeting time do I need to be formally inducted?
    You need to have participated in  half plus 1 of  our meetings and in half plus 1 of our events