National Standards for Learning a Foreign Language

  • Course Description and Learning Goals

    The students will learn to speak, listen, read, and write in Spanish on the topics listed below. Although the topics are the same from levels 1-5, the degree of depth in which they will be taught to the students will vary according to their proficiency level. The students will also learn cultural aspects within each topic and compare them with their own culture, and/or other cultures with which they are familiar. 


    1. Identity and Social Relationships (Personal Identity; Family & Social Relationships; Celebrations, Customs, & Traditions)


    2. Contemporary Life (Food & Meal Taking; House & Home; School life & Education; Travel; Leisure; Communities & Neighborhood; Shopping; Earning a Living)


    3. Science, Technology & and the Arts (Health & Wellness; Physical Environment, Climate, Weather, & Geography; Technology, Media & Social Media; The Arts)


    4. Global Awareness & Community Engagement (Environmental Issues & Sustainability)