• John Jay High School Remote Learning Schedule

    Updated: September 9, 2020 Printable Schedule

    All Students are expected to log on for class. Teachers may choose to meet the whole class for just 10 min and work with smaller groups for the remaining 15 min, or they may require all students to be present for up to 25 minutes. 


    Period 1

    8:10 AM


    Period 2

    8:40 AM


    Period 3

    9:10 AM


    Period 4

    9:40 AM


    Period 5

    10:10 AM


    Period 6

    10:40 AM


    Period 7

    11:10 PM


    Period 8

    11:40 PM

     12:10 - 2:25

    Asynchronous Learning 

    Students complete activities assigned by the teacher. This may include video content, reading and written assignments, group work, or other activities.

    Individual / Small Group Learning

    Students and teachers may schedule time for small groups, individual conferences, or follow up questions.