• Good Afternoon Artists!

    I hope you and your family are doing well! I want you to assure you that we will figure this learning model out together. It is my goal to get you the information you need to be successful in this course and to help you navigate what our learning will look like together as it may change from week to week. As we continue our learning this way, the important information you will need is posted on my JJ website.The best way to reach me is by email or by using the Stream in Google Classroom.This way everyone can see/benefit from all questions pertaining to class. I will have office hours on school days from 1pm-2pm. This means I will be available to answer any questions you have about your work or class work in general. Of course you can post a question on the stream at any time, but during office hours you will get a more prompt response.

    In our Google Classroom you will see assignments by clicking the Classwork tab.

    Our Assignments are catagorized in order of importance: Projects, Sketchbook, and Participation Materials.

    Participation during our MEET is very important! Please make sure you get full participation by: Having your Camera on the full period. The camera can be pointed at your work!

    When you submit work, please attach a photo to your assignment! Think about presentation, lighting when you take a photo matters! Crop out unneeded parts of you photo!

    Hopefully we will come out of this pandemic soon and be able to gather as a class! For now we must communicate more to make sure we are on the same page! Stay up to date with assignments!


    Mr. Cupano (Daniel.cupano@WCSDNY.org)

    Studio in Art


    Ceramics I