• Beginning Friday April 3rd, I will be available for "DISTANCE" office hours and assistance by appointment between the hours of 7:30am-2:30pm.  Please email me if you would like to set up a meeting (kristen.perry@wcsdny.org). 


    Below is a copy of a letter sent home to all parents and students detailing our plans moving forward with Distance Learning.  Click the link below to view it.

    Letter Home to Parents


    Mrs. Perry Google Classroom Codes

    1 odd (Healthy Lifestyles) - fz6fqn6

    2 odd (Lifetime PE) - qr6v5xe

    4 odd (Lifetime PE) -thmithd

    5 odd (Healthy Lifestyles)-5ttmrfi

    6 odd (Healthy Lifestyles) -jotqyy2


    1 even (Personal Challenge)- sq4uk5

    2 even (Personal Challenge) - glb7rje

    4 even (Healthy Lifestyles) - 4cqylxt

    5 even (Healthy Lifestyles) - tvmtbqk

    6 even (Adapted PE) - 3epw64r

    8 even (Healthy Lifestyles)- dshf7kc