• Student Vehicle Use and Parking on School Property

    In accordance with Board Policy, only high school students who are issued valid parking permits are allowed to drive to school and park their vehicles in the school’s designated parking areas.  Each school has a designated parking area located on-campus, which is the only area where students who drive to school are permitted to park their vehicles; there are no designated off-campus student parking areas at either high school. 

    The District expressly disclaims any and all liability that could arise from a student parking his/her vehicle in an area other than the school’s designated parking areas on campus, and the student and his/her parents are assuming any and all risks associated with parking of vehicles in an area that is not authorized by the school district as a student designated parking area. In addition, any student who is found to be parking his/her vehicle in an area that is not a designated student parking area may have their parking privileges immediately revoked, and be subject to disciplinary penalties, including but not limited to suspension from school.

    Please be further advised that the insurance maintained by the Wappingers Central School District may not cover claims arising from students who park their vehicles in locations other than a designated student parking area.  As such, parents of students who park their vehicles in locations other than a designated student parking area may be responsible for the full cost of any medical expenses and/or suits, judgments, claims, damages, losses or expenses including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and litigation costs, arising out of an incident that occurs as a result of a student parking his/her vehicle in any location other than the school’s designated student parking areas.     

    The District will continue the strict enforcement of its policies and regulations related to students who drive their vehicles to school.  We urge all parents to remind their children of the Board’s policy and regulations related to driving a vehicle to school.

    Please refer to Section IV of the Code of Conduct - Policy 5300 for further information.




    • Parking space at John Jay High School is very limited. The WCSD Code of Conduct, discloses that Senior student parking is a privilege, not a right.

    • Students must register for and take a Cape Driver Safety course with a parent or guardian. Courses are normally held in the spring for juniors who will become seniors in the fall. A make-up course is held in the fall for those students who did not complete the course in the spring.

    • Passes are issued to SENIORS who:

    • Students will be notified when their parking application has been accepted.


    • Install parking pass on the inside of the rear driver’s side window.  Affix the permit to the bottom left hand side of the rear window.  Please see image below: 

    • If a student needs to drive a different vehicle to school due to a maintenance issue, parents should complete a request for a temporary pass before the student drives the other car on campus. Use this form: 2023-2024 Temporary Parking Pass Request Form.  Students may then pick up a temporary parking pass at the security gate when arriving on campus. This temporary pass should be placed on the vehicle’s dashboard.

    • If a vehicle is permanently changed, your currently issued parking pass must be returned in order to receive a new one. 

    • Student parking is within the YELLOW lines in the student parking lot and by the athletic field. Student Parking Map

    • Be aware of restricted parking notations. Do not park in:

      • Staff parking spaces marked in white

      • Fire lanes

      • Handicapped parking (unless you have a handicap permit from your town and you are the person with the disability)

      • Campus lawn or grassy knolls

      • Campus speed limit is 5 miles per hour


    • The parking lot is checked daily for passes. Unregistered vehicles will be tagged and disciplinary measures taken, which will include your car being "stickered".  Repeat offenses will incur disciplinary actions such as lunch detention, ISR, suspension and revocation of parking privileges.  Serial offenses may also result in your car being booted or towed to a lot where you may need to pay to have the car returned to you.