•  Humphries' Favorite Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions


    Type Function
    Google Classroom App It's impossible to teach without a classroom management system. Google Classroom is a super easy to use tool for organizing all  assignments and grades for your students.  TIP: Make a MASTER CLASS for the department that has no students, but add everyone who teaches the course as a teacher. All teachers can post lessons here and colleagues can reuse the posts later in their real classes for real students.  Your department can also use the meet code for you department meetings whenever you want. Everyone will always know where the link is.
    Google TEAM Drives App Set up a team drive for your department to save all your docs.  When you get a new teacher, just make them a member and they will automatically get access to everything. 
    Tab Resize Chrome Extension Quickly splits two tabs into two windows. This allows you to look at two docs side by side like the directions and the project, attendance and the student management system, etc.
    Nearpod App & Google Slides Add-on If you have to lecture,Nearpod is a great way to make your lecture interactive with polls, fill-ins, competitions, and student drawings. Student answers are available for immediate use and stored for grading later if you prefer.
    Remind App Allows you to text message your students without having to get their phone numbers.  Connects with Google Classroom to announce assignments or last minute changes to assignments - maybe to clarify directions. Great for clubs and teams. Used by all of our Assistant Principals for mass communication with their grade level.
    Kahoot App Kids love this quiz game for test review. It can also be used effectively to pre-assess at the beginning of a unit. Students answer the questions on their phones. 
    Snipping Tool with Google Draw Windows built-in app and Google tool on the insert menu of docs and sheets The snipping tool lets you take a picture of anything you see on your screen.  Great for making directions! Grab a screenshot, paste it into a Google Drawing (in docs or sheets). Then use Google Draw to add circles and texts to highlight a specific thing.  See an example by opening the direction sheet below for embedding your Google Calendar on your teacher page on this website. 
    Kami Chrome Extension Use Kami to sign documents and save with your signature or cut up or reorganize any PDF. Add your own pages to the front, middle, or back. Great for customizing a permission slip or sending a parent only one page of something you scanned long ago.
    Lucid Charts App Lets you draw diagrams easily. For example, you can make a map of your room or create an organization chart for your club. 
    Marvel App Allows students to quickly mock up a prototype for a webpage or App.
    Autocrat Add-on for Google Sheets Lets you set up a mail merge.  Better than Office because it allows you to email the merged documents to each address in the sheet.  Works great if you front-end the sheet with a Google form and place the form link in an email or on your website. This gives people an instant email response after they sign up for your "thing."
    Natural Reader Text to Speech Chrome Extension Turn it on to read anything on the web.
    EquatIO Add-on for Google Docs and Google Forms Allows you to easily create all kinds of mathematical expressions, graphs, and statistical displays. It converts hand-written entries into typed expressions or charts on a Google Doc or Form. If you are a math teacher, you might want to spring for the paid version for crazy good extended features. 
    Chrome Remote Desktop App designed
    by Google
    Allows you to share your desktop with another computer. This could be convenient if you want a student to display their screen on your projector.