October 15
    October 16
    Please read all information below... 
    the list is posted on room 181's door...
    Auditions for Women's and Chamber Choir have already been completed.
    MONDAY, SEPT. 23 and TUESDAY, SEPT. 24
    Come by room 181 to sign up on my door and read all posted audition information.
    After school ensemble rehearsals will begin the week of:    
    October 15!
    I am excited for our season to begin!
    After School Vocal Ensembles- Ms. Ruffalo, Advisor 
    Read everything here that you have not already read and keep scrolling for what you are seeking.  
    Sign up for the earliest possible time slot.  
    Please sign in pencil.  
    Come a bit early- You will fill out a form that you will hand me when you come into your audition.
    Let me know if you require a Late Buss Pass when you enter the room.
    Sign up for a 5-minute time slot.
    Be prepared also with 8-16 measures of a piece you know WELL.
    Performing memorized is ideal.
    You may not sing while reading lyrics off your phone or tablet
    You may bring actual sheet music
    Be prepared also to sight read
    TUESDAYS Women's Choir- Director, Ms. Ruffalo 
     WEDNESDAYS Chamber Choir - Director, Ms. Ruffalo
    Please read the accountability memo below.
    You all have 2-3 ways to contact me directly:
    1.  Stop by and see me
    2.  E mail me (this is best choice so that we have a record)
    3. Text message
    It is YOUR job and no one else's to let me know in advance if you can not make a rehearsal.  
    Please let me know as soon as possible.  Do NOT alert me 15 minutes or less before rehearsal begins (unless emergency dictates)
    If you MISS a rehearsal, you must notify me within a reasonable amount of time.  24 hours or less.
    Please do not send messages through friends.  It is YOUR job to notify me of absences.  
    You've done an excellent job so far this year- it's going to get harder, so keep up the good work!
    IDEA:  set an alarm for every rehearsal day for Ensembles  (I do!) Put us in your calendar!!!
    For all after school ensembles, if you are aware that you will be missing a rehearsal, please speak to me in person or e mail me at candice.ruffalo@wcsdny.org
    If you have a sudden emergency, please contact me as soon as you can OR be sure to follow up immediately if you are not at a rehearsal. We like to know that you're okay.  
     COMMITMENT IS KEY: we are a performing ensemble!
    If you miss a rehearsal and we are not informed ahead of time, it is YOUR responsibility to reach out to us immediately and let us know why you missed a rehearsal.  Emergencies DO happen and they are understood.
    Remember, that all of these folks are GIVING UP THEIR PERSONAL TIME to be a part of an exciting ensemble and team.  If we can not count on members following through on the commitment to the ensemble, then you may be asked by the adviser to leave the ensemble and perhaps try again next year.
    If you skip a rehearsal for any reason and have made no attempt to follow through on communicating why you couldn't be with us, you MAY be asked to leave the ensemble.
     If you skip more than one rehearsal and have made no attempt at communicating with your adviser, you WILL be asked to leave the group.
     Missing performances without an excuse will also result in your being asked to leave the group.
    ACCOUNTABILITY is just as important as attendance. PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE.