• Mr. Berardo/Ms. Rennie

    English Language Arts

    John Jay Senior High School


    Hello and welcome to the 2021 - 2022 school year, a year truly unlike any other. This year our English Language Arts class will be focusing on reading different genres of literature - fiction, non fiction, poetry, and plays. We will read, write, think and discuss a variety of literary devices in order to gain an understanding of how author's craft their stories. We will examine and interpret the thematic ideas author's convey through their characters, conflicts and resolutions, and we will build the foundation of a community of lifelong readers.


    Course Readings (subject to change)


    - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

    - Anthology of short stories 

    - Poetry

    - The works of Edgar Allan poe

    - Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

    - The Miracle Worker by William Gibson

    - Beowulf

    - The Odyssey by Homer

    - Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare


    ELA Supplies


    1) A three ring binder with an ELA section

    2) A writing utensil (pen/pencil)

    3) An independent Reading Book in class every day 


    Classroom Rules and Expectations


    1) Be early. A lot of teachers might say, be on time. Nevermind that. Be early. It looks good, and it impresses people.  Then, look at the board, get your Do Now done and copy down your Homework. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class session and late arrivals must be accompanied by a late pass. Being habitually late will result in a phone call home and/or a referral to administration. 


    2) Be respectful and courteous to other students. Stick and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you is nonsense. Be respectful, be kind and choose your words carefully. Conduct yourself with dignity and respect. Be there for one another, support one another, and we'll have a great year. 


    3) Be a hard worker. Complete every assignment, whether big or small, in a way that demonstrates your work ethic. Don't be afraid to be awesome. In fact, dare to be awesome. Dare to be great. Have high standards and expect the best from yourself. 


    4) Be willing to communicate. Always raise your hand to ask a question, always be part of the class discussion. And never be afraid to ask for help or email a question. We are here for you, so reach out.  


    Grading Policy: points-based grading system for all of our assignments. Tests, essays, paragraphs, quizzes, homeworks, posts, etc. 


    Quarter 1 Sample Grading


    Test 1: Total Points 100, Students scores 85 pts

    Test 2: Total Points 100, Student scores 90 pts

    Quiz 1" Total Points 20, Students scores 18 pts

    Homework 1: Total Points 10, Student scores 10 pts

    Homework 2: Total Points 10, Student scores 10 pts

    Homework 3: Total Points 10, Student scores 10 pts


    Student Scores 223 points out of a total 250

    223 divided by 250 = 0.892, carry the decimal for an 89 grade point average


    Homework: Homework will be assigned 2 - 3 times a week, normally. Late homework and/or assignments will have a late penalty, unless there is a valid reason. 


    Essays: Assigned essays will be turned into our Google Classroom. A hard copy will not be needed.  


    Contact Information: gregory.berardo@wcsdny.org/elaine.rennie@wcsdny.org