Course Outline and Guidelines

    Ms. Monroe    September 2021


    English 10R

    Students, Parents, Guardians:

    Welcome to English 10R, John Jay, and to the beginning of your sophomore year! I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and present our plans and goals for this course. I am looking forward to an exciting, challenging, and successful school year. If we work together, keep our standards high, our professionalism up, and our collective sense of humor intact, there is nothing we won’t be able to accomplish.


    Essential Materials (must be brought to class everyday to qualify as prepared):

    1. Several blue or black pens
    2. Current reading materials and/or handouts (clipped into your notebook!)
    3. A place to keep paper and handouts organized (notebook of your choice)
    4. An independent reading book


    Classroom Conduct and Rules:

    My general philosophy boils down to this: A classroom is a PROFESSIONAL setting. Teacher and students will act accordingly. That means we have a mutual respect for each other and an appreciation of the classroom environment as a safe and open place.


    Classroom Rules: (specified in more detail)

    Arrive on time and prepared each day.

    Walking in after the bell, or as the bell is ringing, means you are late. As per school policy, coming to class late three times earns a lunch detention, assigned by me. Each subsequent tardy will result in a lunch detention. If you do not have a lunch, you may end up with an ISR assignment.


    Speak respectfully and with consideration for others.

    Never use language that disrespects another individual, especially language that is offensive towards someone’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual preference or appearance. Bottom line: No put downs. It doesn't matter if you are joking with a friend who doesn't mind the name calling... if you are using language that others may find offensive, then it is unacceptable even if your friend thinks it's funny.


    Eliminate distractions as you enter the classroom.

    This includes removing hats, turning off phones, and removing ear buds. These are school rules, not simply my own. I will be obligated to take electronic devices when I see them in my classroom interfering with your or a peer's education.  It will remain in my care until the end of class. Students sometimes believe they are entitled to a warning first.  Note: This is your warning.    



    I understand that people do get sick and I also understand that “life happens,” so there will be circumstances when you cannot get to class. As long as you take the necessary measures to ensure that you don’t fall behind, missing class doesn’t mean you have to miss the work. So, if you are absent, you must do one of the following

    1. Arrange for a sibling or friend to collect your homework
    2. Check Google Classroom for assignments
    3. Ask me for any missed work the day you return or email directly the day you aere out



    The tenth grade curriculum includes literature, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. This year’s literature selections may include, but will not be limited to the following:


    Selected short stories                                            Everything I Never Told You

    Night                                                                     Of Mice and Men                                                  

    To Kill a Mockingbird                                               A Raisin in the Sun                   


    As this is a writing-based course, we will engage in many types of writing activities, including both traditional essays and creative writing.



    Grades for each marking period are distributed as follows:

    Class Work: 10%                                 Quizzes 20%

    Homework: 10%                                   Tests/Projects 25%                       

    Writing 35%


    • I know tenth grade can be a little overwhelming; there are new peer pressures and more challenging responsibilities. You are no longer the newbies, but senior year can still feel like a lifetime away. My goal is to help ease this transition through support and guidance while letting you individually grow and develop into your new role as a sophomore. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns or comments. Again, I look forward to a great year! Let’s do it!