• Mr.  Casey – Media Writing

    Office Phone:  298-5100, Extension #178

    Office Number:  #100 Classroom--#216

    Email: james.casey@wappingersschools.org


    Course Goals:

    ·         To examine and emulate writing within the mass media arena including print, radio and television and internet based platforms.

    ·         To READ, discuss, analyze, and write about the a variety of press releases, speeches, articles, feature stories and editorials.

    ·         To learn and expand verbal and written vocabulary as it applies to media communication and writing.

    ·         To read, study, and interpret the historical readings, fictional accounts and films of the period as stated in the course outline. URL: https://www.wappingersschools.org/wcsd/lib/wcsd/_shared/Instruction/Course%20Handbooks/HSCat_2010-11.pdf   

    ·         To learn and present a variety of oral and written presentations in an efficient, informative and persuasive manner.


    Course Policies:

    ·         Be here and be on time with your binder, appropriate text, paper and something to write with EVERYDAY.  Be prepared with specific materials as needed.

    ·         Follow your calendar:  ABSENCE EXCUSES YOU FROM NOTHING.  Being absent will NOT excuse you from quizzes, tests, or due dates.  Late work will be assessed a deduction of 10 points per day whether you are in school or not. If you are absent, show me the work the day of your return.  If you miss a quiz or a test you must make it up within two days of your return, or the grade will be a zero. It is your responsibility to reschedule the test. If you cut you will receive a zero for the assignment.  BE HERE. This is a participatory course.

    ·         COMMUNICATE.  If you are having trouble with anything, please see me or email me.  If you need extra help, meet with me before or after school.  I am here at 6:30 AM everyday and by appointment. I am available during 3rd, 4th, or 8th periods.  I can be found in the English office—Room #100. My classroom for this year is #216.

    ·         BE RESPONSIBLE.  You are taking this course; therefore you should always be aware of your progress, your assignments, your due dates, and the work you owe.  I will not chase you down for work owed.  My grading breakdown is as follows:

              Tests                                                   25%

              Written/Oral Presentations              25%

              Final Exam                                        20%

              Final Project                                      20%

              Active Participation                          10%



    ·         This is an elective.  You must read. 

    ·         While we may not like everything we read there is a value in everything we read.

    ·         BE PREPARED!

    ·         Keep current with all reading, so we can discuss and discover the inherent themes, characters, etc.



    Classroom Decorum:

    ·         Mr. Casey expects the best that you can give at all times

    ·         Maintain an honest, friendly and tolerant demeanor to everyone that walks through the door.

    ·         Respect everyone’s right to speak ( translation:  not talking while someone else is speaking—especially Mr. Casey)

    ·         Find enjoyment in the study of language and the act of reading.



    Paper Formatting:

    ·         I am very particular.  Follow the guidelines. 

    ·         Times New Roman or Arial font only

    ·         12 point type only

    ·         1” margins (MLA standard format)

    ·         Double spaced

    ·         No colors, pictures, headlines, etc…

    ·         Handwritten is a last resort, but if you must, use black ink only, college ruled paper, appropriate margins, double spaced, one side of the page, and legible hand writing.  NO TEAR OUT SHEETS.  NEATNESS COUNTS.



    ·         Plagiarism of any kind is stealing

    ·         Using anyone’s words without documentation or permission is plagiarism. 

    ·         Downloading, or pasting from the web is theft.

    ·         Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

    ·         Plagiarized work will result in swift and immediate punishment.  A zero will be assessed, and parents and administration will become involved.

    ·         All major papers will go through turnitin.com as noted in your paper procedure.

    ·         We will use turnitin.com for all writing assignments.  All written assignments are due at 11:59 PM on the day of the assignment.  If you do not have internet access at home, plan ahead and turn it in at school or at a local library.