• Mileage rate beginning 1/1/2021 - 56 cents per mile
    • Mileage Rate beginning 1/1/2022 - 58.5 cents per mile
    • MapQuest is the mileage source to be used for the District. 
    • A printed MapQuest document must be attached for travel that is not listed on the District Mileage Chart. 
      Two separate documents are needed from MapQuest -- one going & one returning.
    • You MUST choose the shortest route - regardless of how you travel. If mileage is shorter from your Home School Building rather than your home address that is what you will be reimbursed for.
    • Use the exact mileage number at the bottom of the trip sheet, not the rounded number on the top summary area.
    • Doubling the mileage is not acceptable.
    • Submit mileage claim forms monthly or quarterly. Claims older than 3 months will not be approved by the auditor.