• DISTRICT COURIERS: Mailroom x43134
    Susan DeGuisto, Billy Hunt, Pam Roger, Lisa Selage


    • All envelopes must be individual with flaps down and left unsealed.
    • If envelope is confidential and must be sealed, please keep separate from unsealed envelopes.
    • Small envelopes - rubber band 10 envelopes or more with addresses in the same direction.
    • All large envelopes sealed and taped over metal clasp (clasp gets stuck in machine)


    • All envelopes must be individual with flaps down and left unsealed.
    • Small envelopes do not need to be in a rubber band
    • Over 500 pieces must be sorted by zip code


    • Do not use postal envelopes for inter-office mail. Mail is sorted in the mailroom and your inter-office mail may be stamped and mailed 1st class.
    • Cross off previous location
    • Name and location or just location printed on envelope
    • Envelopes should be taped. Do not use staples.


    • Directions for completing form are on the receipt. 
    • Please mark the Certified Mail Receipt with your name and department.
    • Label should be placed on front of envelope as close to the return address as possible to leave room for postage. 
    • Return Receipt card should be placed on back side of envelope.


    • The District ships UPS from the mailroom. If you have a package to send UPS, please label, put a note for the Courier of the value and place with the outgoing mail. If you have a prepaid call tag from UPS, UPS should be called to pick-up the package at your building.
    • We do not ship Federal Express, DHL, etc. Do not place any of these with your outgoing mail.

    No personal mail or packages of any kind are to be sent to the mailroom.
    No boxes over 50 lbs  are to be put with the outgoing mail for the courier.  A work order must be placed with facilities & operations.