• There are over 5000 colleges and universities in the United States, so how do you know what school you want to go to? Here are some tools for you to use to sort and filter down the colleges that you might want to apply to. Beyond just reading about the colleges, you can also take college visits or if you can't make it to a college visit, many colleges offer virtual tours on their website. Furthermore, you may way want to consider doing a pre-college program at a college that you are really interested in to see if it really is a good fit. Many colleges also provide diversity fly-ins where they will transport students to their campus for an overnight stay free of cost. 

    Remember college applications are all about fit. Does the school have an atmosphere, culture, and education that you like? Will you fit into their school? If you are rejected from a school, it does not mean that you are not good enough for them; it simply means that you are not the right fit. 


    You can use SCOIR to search colleges: SCOIR

    College Board also has a good college search tool: Big Future College Search

    A guide to colleges: Peterson's

    For those interested in diversity fly-ins, here's a complete list: Fly-ins

    Links to college websites: Common Data Set  

    A website that ranks a bunch of college search engines with their features so you can choose which one fits you best: Best College Search Engines

    Here is a list of 25 reflections from the class of 2023 to help you consider your options: Reflections 

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