• Freshmen  


  • Welcome to high school!

     You are in for a treat! If handled well, high school can be very rewarding and fun. It is also a time to start preparing for the world beyond primary schooling. Will you go into the military? College? or into the work force? While it is early to decide this yet, it is a question to keep in your mind as you navigate your first year in high school. While you adjust to high school and its new work load, you should also consider expanding your horizons in your passions beyond school work. Join a sport! Join a club! From business to debate to science to the arts, there's a club--or several-- for you! Here is a list of clubs for you to consider. While it may seem intimidating, getting an early start to clubs can be the most rewarding thing that you do. Clubs can help you find your passions and help you develop skills such as leadership and communication. Some of your best friends are also likely to come from extracurriculars as you will find that club members share many interests. 

    Academically, make sure you keep up your grades from the start! Countless seniors end up regretting not trying harder in freshman year. Remember membership in many honor societies later on in high school take into account your freshmen grades, and colleges will also look at your freshmen year grades. If you are struggling, apply for a peer tutor and have someone who has done well in the class help you out. 

    It is also never too early to start thinking about summer opportunities. There are so many programs and internships designed for high schoolers that you can take advantage of. These summer programs can help you to develop your passions, skills, and your understanding of the world. You can find national databases of summer programs and local opportunities here

    Overall, high school is a time to be in the moment and be involved. Take classes that interest you. Join groups that make you excited. Go to the sporting events, and enjoy the last few years of being an adolescent. 

    Keep and open mind, and get ready to conquer high school.