• Sophomores


  • Welcome to Sophomore Year!

    Congratulations! You've survived the adjustment to high school. Now you can enjoy sophomore year, a year that acts as somewhat of a buffer year between the stress of acclimating to a new environment and the stress that comes with junior and senior year. Sophomore year is a year where you can concentrate on your school work,and a year where you can truly start to explore your interests. It may have seemed intimidating to join clubs your freshmen year, but sophomore year is a perfect year to jump into whatever clubs interests you. Sophomore year is also a great time to start looking into internships and summer programs. These opportunities will help you to explore your interests, expand your passions, and eventually may help you convey your dedication and intellectual curiosity to college admissions officers. Colleges are looking for students who get excited about the world and are willing to take advantage of the resources they are given. Furthermore, the more experiences you have, the easier it will be to write your application as you will have so much to talk about. 

    Sophomore year is also a time to continue to maintain academic quality while you have more room than freshman year to explore in classes. Take classes that you are interested in! 

    It is also a good time to decide what you want to do after high school, and if you are planning to go to college, start looking at and researching colleges that you might want to attend. Here are a list of good search engines for college. Think about is you want to be in a small community, a large one, close to a city or in a more rural area. What do you want from academics? What opportunities do you want? Looking ahead to the college application season is also helpful. You can find the page for the college application process here and a timeline for it here. 

    Sophomore year overall is a time for relaxation and exploration.