• 7th Grade Clothing Management


    Mrs. Veeder-Shave, instructor

    One 10-week quarter                                                                      No prerequisites


    Areas of study include:

    -How clothing can communicate

    -Fashion history, fads and trends

    -Introduction to fibers and their origins

    -Clothing advertising and marketing

    -Care of fabrics

    -Instruction and Guided Practice of both hand and machine sewing equipment

    -Following Directions

    -Cooperation as well as independent working skills

    Please note that this is one of the three quarters mandated by the state for Family and Consumer Sciences; the other two quarters consist of Food Management and Resource Management.


    Classroom Expectations:

    1.       Be Responsible- Come to class on time ( before the bell rings ) with your materials completed on time. Follow all safety precautions.

    2.     Be Cooperative- Listen and follow directions, make no physical contact with others in the classroom, no wandering around ( you need to stay in your seat.)

    3.     Be Respectful and Courteous to all members of the class.

    4.     Be Positive and open minded- This can be fun, try your hardest and learn something new every day.

    Important Note: Any safety violation will be an automatic referral to an administrator and a phone call home. Lesser problems will be dealt with according to the code of conduct.


    Class Projects:

              During this class, the students should complete  2  possible projects; a small pincushion and a pillowcase.  This is a cumulative class- in order to complete the final pillowcase project, all assignments,  pincushion and parental permission slip must be turned in prior to 4 days before the end of the quarter. If needed an alternative assignment may be given.                                                            


    Required Materials:

              Students will need a folder to keep handouts during class and they will be required to bring a writing utensil to class everyday. They will have a drawer in the classroom where they can leave these materials on a daily basis.


    Textbooks: Our Textbook is Clothes and your appearance is is used intermittently to support information given in the class. Current printed materials from periodicals as well as library and internet resources will also be used. Portions of the Bravo TV show Project Runway (mostly season 3 and 4) may be used to show designing aspects as well as some other materials on laundry, marketing and clothing construction.


    Recommended Materials:

              The following items are not required, but strongly recommended as these items will allow the students to work with something that expresses their individuality. The materials should not be overly expensive and should cost less than $10.

    • ¾ yd of an interesting fabric that represents the students interests- this needs to be 100% cotton or cotton blend. Please not the fat quarter pieces as they are not big enough for a pillowcase.
    • 1/3 yd of a different fabric that matches the other fabric
    • 1/8 yd of a third fabric that can either match or contrast


    Assessments :

    Based on laboratory experiences, projects, group work, research, and homework


    Teacher Contact:

    Meegan Veeder-Shave

     298-5200 x
    Email: Meegan.Shave@wcsdny.org

    There is also a link to my email address on my teacher page on the Wappingers Junior High web page. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.