• Mr. Calvin's  Page For 7th Grade Science

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School year!

    *Please use this Grade 7 PDF for review of material learned for the year:* Grade 7 Science Review

     Hello, Team 7 Green!

    Some updates for this time of - as my honors class has coined it - "Corona-cation." 🤣  Hope you're all still feeling well and happy!
    • Teachers return to (remote) work tomorrow, with two days of meetings and plannings.  As we begin to solidify plans, we'll continue to update you.  Please be tolerant of what may be frequent emails and Remind texts, as this entire situation remains quite fluid, and changes may happen often.
    • Currently, we teachers are working on individual class schedules;  we're in the process of determining days and times that our classes will meet, as well as regular office hours that we'll offer.  Details to come in the following days.....
    • Each subject area will be holding class for approximately 2 hours/week.  Note:  This does NOT necessarily indicate that class time will be face-to-face, requiring students to meet us online.  Although some of the team teachers will utilize Google Meet for some "in-person" teaching or individual conferencing, the two hours will also incorporate time spent by students reading online info., completing assignments, etc.  Each teacher will be in touch, to let you know more specific details for their individual classes.
    • Students will be expected to "attend" class and complete work whenever it is scheduled/assigned.  Should a student miss several classes and/or assignments, the teacher(s) will be in touch with administration, who will then contact that family.
    • In case you are not aware, cell phones can be used to access Google Meet and Google Classroom.
    • Although none of us are experts on how to do this, students can also access Classroom via xBox or PS2.  
    • For the first couple of weeks, the academic rigor will be less than is typical.  We'll be trying to acclimate to this new environment, and to allow the kids to do so, as well.  
    • Grading is a topic which is still under discussion with the district, so I'll alert you when we teachers get concrete info.
    I expect that by Monday, I'll be sending another email, with details about class times, access, and office hours.  
    Please know that our #1 priority is the health and safety of our students.  Bear with us during this time of trial and error, and of course, feel free to reach out via email or Remind text.  Our best wishes to you and your families!!
    Mrs. Burke, Mr. Calvin, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Milanese, and Mrs.O'C

    NAME: Glen Calvin

    SCHOOL: Wappingers Junior High School 

    CLASSES: 7th Grade Science

    SCHOOL PHONE: 298-5200 *Please leave a message with the main office*

    Email: glen.calvin@wcsdny.org

    Mr. Calvin's Daily Schedule 2019-2020:

    Period 1: 236

    Period 2: 236

    Period 3: Prep

    Period 4: 236

    Period 5: Lunch 

    Period 6: Lunch Duty

    Period 7: 236

    Period 8: Prep

    Period 9: 236