• Name: Angela Knapp
    Subject: Special Education
    Email: Angela.Knapp@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-298-5200

    Please see individual class calendars on the side tab for homework information. 


    Period 1: Math 7, room 205

    Period 2: Prep

    Period 3: Math 7, room 206

    Period 4: Team Prep

    Period 5: Lunch Detention

    Period 6: Math 7, room 205

    Period 7: Lunch

    Period 8: Math 7, room 202

    Period 9: Math 7, room 206 

     Supply list: Small binder for math packet, Calculator, pencil. 

     Homework will be assigned nightly, it will be checked the next day. Students should try each problem. 

     Grading Policy: Math grades are out of total points, please check parent portal for more information

     Classroom Rules and Expectations: Student are expected to follow all school rules including to be respectful, be responsible, be prepared and to be safe.