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  • Wappingers Jr. HS Gymnasium Update
    Posted 4:28pm on 5/25/2017
    Today's early dismissal was due to odors coming from the Gymnasium where the floor is in the process of being sanded and refinished.  At no time was refinishing products being used during the school day while students were in the building.  Upon further investigation the following events lead up to today's early dismissal.
    •  On Wednesday 5/17 the Gymnasium floors were sanded by the contractor working on the refinishing work in the Gym.  While the floors were sanded the Gymnasiums ventilation system was turned off to minimize the amount of dust circulating through the air in the Gym.  Sanding took about 3 days to complete, the ventilation system remained off. 
    • On Wednesday 5/24 at approximately 3pm the contractor assigned to refinish the floors applied the first coat of sealer to the floor.  This occurred outside of our normal school day while no students were in the building.  The buildings main ventilation systems are turned off via a timer as per normal procedure in our building management system.
    • On Thursday 5/25 custodial staff reported at 6am that the building is fine and that there is no odor in any of the hallways, classrooms, and common areas.  Later on that morning the ventilation system in all areas except for the gym started on their normal cycle which created a vacuum in the Gym and drew the odor that was contained in the gym into the rest of the building.  
    What should have occurred was that the ventilation system in the Gym should have also turned which would have created a neutral pressure in the gym which would have allowed the odor to remain isolated in that area.  In reality the Gymnasium ventilation system never started and that was the reason why the odor proliferated through the school.  This issue with the ventilation system has been addressed and we can now report that the building is free of odor.


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