• School Counseling Office
    School Counselors and Team Assignments:
    Mr. Paul Nostrand- Counselor in Charge; Teams 7 Yellow, 8 Yellow, 7-8 Red, & 7/8 Red
    Mrs. Christine Lowery; Teams 7 Blue, 8 Blue, & 7 Red
    Ms. Elena Peratikos; Teams 7 Green, 8 Green, & 8 Red 
    Counselors' extensions:
    Christine Lowery, ext. 21012
    Paul Nostrand, ext. 21010
    Elena Peratikos, ext. 21013
    For any attendance questions or issues and/or to arrange parent/teacher meetings,  please call 298-5200, ext. 21009 to speak with Mrs. Phelan, Counseling Office and Attendance Secretary.
    Please note the following:
    Parents may pick up homework in the Main Office at 3:00 pm.  Should parents come after 3:00 pm, the homework will be placed in a bin on the wall outside the main office. Please note; for a one or two day absence, homework information should be available on individual teacher websites. Otherwise, for more than two days of absence, you can request homework from the Guidance Office, ext. 21009.

    About the Counselors

    Professional Qualifications:

    All permanently certified professional school counselors must possess a Masters degree and meet other certification requirements as defined by the New York State Education Department.  Junior high school counselors have training and experience in understanding the developmental needs of eleven to fifteen-year-olds, and are competent in counseling, consulting, and coordinating.



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