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    Grinnell Library now has a Teen Homework Help program. It's held on Thursdays from 7:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. The program assists with studying, research, reading, library help. For information contact Grinnell Library 845-297-3428 or www.Grinnell-Library.org  

    Responsible students possess certain study traits and habits. If you work on these habits you will become a more responsible and successful student.:
    NG GOALS- Goals keep us focused on the future. If we envision and plan for what we want to accomplish in our life, we're more likely to reach that.

    PLANNING OF TIME- We're all responsible to be on time, hand in assignments on

    time, etc. This takes planning.


    REVIEWING- It helps to review or study what's been taught to us. On the days

    we don't have assigned homework it's beneficial to review. It's like building

    a house; we need to add brick by brick, until we have a solid structure.

    Learning is the same concept.


    TAKING NOTES- By taking notes you're reinforcing the material the teacher

    feels is important for you to know. Chances are, those notes will have vital

    information for your next quiz or test.


    HAVING THE TOOLS WE NEED- We always need tools to do an effective job.

    Always bring writing utensils, paper, and any other necessary tools to class.

    Always write things down in a planner! We can't possibly remember all of our assignments, etc.! A planner is a vital tool.


    HONORING COMMITMENTS and FOLLOW THROUGH- To be successful we must honor our commitments.

    Successful students hand in assignments done well and on time!


    GETTING PREPARED AHEAD OF TIME- It's very helpful to have everything we need,

    for a successful day at school. Prepare ahead of time (the night before is

    best). Then, we don't need to rush around in the morning, looking for things

    and becoming STRESSED OUT! The better prepared we are, the more relaxed we

    are (which makes everything easier).