• Mrs. Hardt
    Team Yellow Supplies- please see individual teacher pages but also, here are some tips and suggestions from our team as a whole:   All students must keep an assignment planner of their choice for the day.  Students are expected to have planner with them in every class every day and write down homework.  Students should carry a 2-pocket homework folder for the whole day.  Homework goes in the to do pocket and back into the completed pocket for class where it will be checked, collected, or put back into class folder or binder.  Homework folder goes to every class with student. Please avoid binders larger than 1". Also avoid bulging pencil cases.  Students need a few pens and a few pencils and 1 highlighter.  A small amount of loose leaf should be available in the back of binders but it is not necessary to carry a whole pack. No spiral notebooks.  Avoid extra supplies as these become cumbersome to carry.  Use blue or black pens only.  Avoid colored pens and avoid any toy like school supplies that might cause distraction ans interrupt work time.  
       Parents- please check planner and homework folder on a regular basis (once a week for example or more depending on your student.  You know your child's work habits best.) A planner that is not being written or a messy homework folder is sometimes the first sign that a student needs help staying on track.
    Science Class Supplies:
    • two-pocket folder or two dividers

    (may use small shared space in another binder with two dividers - label them SCIENCE and REFERENCE)

    • marble notebook for science class journal
    • 2 boxes of tissues
    • other supplies if you can: cleaning wipes, index cards(white or color), ziploc bags (quart or gallon)
    • students should have basic supplies for use at home including a few colored pencils, ruler, stapler, scissors
    • If any student needs to have supplies provided, please let me know.  Team Yellow can help.
    • If any parent would like to provide extra supplies for the classroom or for students in need, I will gladly collect 
               Email: rosellen.hardt@wcsdny.org
     Science 7 
    Please sign up for REMIND homework texts - see below for directions
     Teacher Schedule:
    Science classes in room 234 per 1,2,7,8,9 
    Team Meeting rm 206 per 3
    Study Hall rm 204 per 4
    Prep per 5, Lunch per 6 
    Regents Students and parents:  
    just text this message: @teamyell
    to this number: 81010 
    Honors Class Parents and students: 
    just text this message: @7f28ef
    to this number: 81010 
    Regents students complete the life science section below, Honors students bot the life and the physical syllabus below:


    • Introduction to Science

    -Laboratory Protocols

    - Graphing, measurement

    - Scientific Method

    - Metric System

    • Characteristics of Living Things

    • Microscope

    • Cells

    - Structure and Function

    - Cell Theory

    - Cell Processes

    - Cell Reproduction

    • Viruses

    • Classification

    - Dichotomous Keys

    - Kingdoms

    - Bacteria and Fungi

    - Protist and Pond Life

    - Plant and Photosynthesis

    - Animal Kingdom

    • Human Body Organization

                    -body systems

    • Reproduction and Development

    • Genetics

    - Heredity

    - DNA

    • Changes over time



    • General Properties of Matter

    - Mass and Weight

    - Volume and Density

    • Physics of Motion

    - Newton’s Laws of Motion

    - speed, acceleration, momentum


    • Physics of Energy

    - Energy forms and changes

    • Physical and Chemical Changes

    - Phases of Matter and Phase Changes

    - Chemical Properties and Changes

    • Classes of Matter

    - Elements, Compounds and             Mixtures

    • Atoms

    - Atomic Theory

    - Atomic Structure

    • Periodic Table

    - History and Design

    - Trends and Patterns

    • Atomic Bonding

    - Ionic, Covalent and Metallic

    • Chemical Reactions

    - Chemical Equations

    - Types of Reactions


                                              Phone: 298-5200 x 21234 and leave a message