For science class you will two dividers only.  One sturdy homework folder should be used for all classes
  • It is my recommendation that no student have any binder over 2" for any subject. It is way too cumbersome and most large binders do not fit well in our lockers. Backpacks with wheels also DO NOT FIT in our lockers.

    For science class:

    Two boxes of tissue (will be shared w team)

    Marble notebook

    Very small binder (1/2") and one divider labeled REFERENCE. Or a sturdy two-pocket folder.   Keep a small amount of looseleaf in your binder and an extra supply at home.  Keep a pencil case with one hi lighter and a few pencils and pens. Do not waste your money on cheap pencils. I recommend Ticonderoga or staedtler brands. Over stuffed pencil cases are cumbersome and should be avoided. Keep extra pens and pencils in your schoolbag or locker at all times. 

    One container of antibacterial wipes

    Optional supplies to contribute to the classroom:

    glue sticks, colored pencils, box of re sealable  plastic bags

    Students must have a planner of choice and one homework folder for their whole day - not individual folders.  Mark one pocket TO DO and the other DONE

    If you are organized you may instead share space in another binder. If you are keeping science in another binder you will need two dividers. One marked SCIENCE and one marked REFERENCE

    I recommend planning out your binder organization after seeing what your schedule is like and speaking with each teacher in class.