ELA 8th Grade - Green Team - 4/1

    Moving Forward

    Hello all parents and students - 

    First off - I must say I miss you all… seriously.  In class this year, I know I’ve talked about being “present” and how important it is as a student to not only be physically present, but mentally present.  In this time, we can’t be physically present at school, but the connections we make from this point on through our collective language and imagination will make the distance less daunting.

    Second - you know I try to keep things simple - one day, one goal, one step at a time.  That will not change. All assignments I create will be accessible through just an iPhone… no need for a laptop.  I hope that helps some of you out there.

    Third - over the next few weeks we will be reading The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton.  I will be creating and posting Read-aLoud videos for each chapter on Mondays and Thursdays on our Google Classroom.  I will also attach a Google Doc that has the entire book on it so you can read along with me. This will begin Monday, April 6th.  On Tuesdays and Fridays you will be asked to complete a Google Form that will ask some critical thinking and multiple choice questions based on the reading from the day before.  Wednesdays will be dedicated to your Writing Journal (that I already shared with all of you and some have begun) in which you will be given time to express your thoughts and feelings based on a guiding question.  This process will take us into May.  

    Four - if there parents that would like to join our Google Classroom, please email me at ian.mccartney@wcsdny.org and give me an email that I can link to our Google Classroom.

    Finally - this Friday, April 3rd, I will be posting a Zen Pencils assignment.  Please complete it by Monday, April 6th. I will be using this as a way to see who has been completing the assignments and also using it as attendance.  This is an easy way for me to check on the students that do or do not have access to a laptop or iPhone. If you do not complete the Zen Pencils assignment by April 7th, I will be reporting it to the administration, not in any punitive way, but just so we start getting an idea on who are the students that might not have access to technology.  Thank you for your vigilance in this matter.


    We will get through this and we will grow stronger together.


    Hello All,

    I am looking forward to the 2019/20 school year.  I try to take this positivity with me as a teacher every day I go to school.  Stay positive everyday and your students will reflect the positivity you put out.  What you give, you usually get back.  Please feel free to contact me at any point throughout the school year.  I check my email regularly.  My teaching philosophy is based on Constructivist Theory.  

    Subject: 8th Grade English - Green Team
    Email: ian.mccartney@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-298-5200 ex: 216
    All assignments will be posted through Remind 101 texts.  
    All classwork and assignments will be posted through Google Classroom.
    Instructions on how to access both Remind 101 and Google Classroom for the year will be given out on first day of school.
    Perspective means everything.