• Mr. McCartney                                   8th Grade English

    WJHS – Green Team                                                                              

     8th Grade English


    The purpose of this class: 

    a. To create more proficient readers who are able to decipher

    and interpret different types of writing through close reading
    and analysis.

    b. To create more confident writers who realize the purpose

    and audience for their different types of writing. 

    c. To help develop overall reading and writing techniques and

    skills in accordance with NYS CCSS

    d. To instill the idea of being a life long learner.


     2.  Teaching techniques -

    a.  Readers / Writers Workshop Model 

    b. Differentiated Instruction based upon a student’s individual


    c. Multi – Sensory Techniques

    d. Individual work/ Pairs/ Groups and Full Class Discussions

    e. Constructivist Theory


    3.  Language Conventions (ex: punctuation, capitalization,

    subject-verb agreement, parts of speech, etc.) are taught
    throughout the year.


    4.  My classroom is a classroom COMMUNITY and is based

    off of EMPATHY and COMPASSION.


    5.  There is absolutely NO BULLYING allowed in my

    classroom.  BULLYING will be dealt will immediately. 
     I expect students to not only respect me, but each other as
    thinking and feeling human beings.


    6.  Assessments are done every other week on Thursdays or

    Fridays.  The assessments vary from writing assignments,
    quizzes, verbal evaluations, etc.  


    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to

    contact me at: