Welcome to all of the new members of Team 7 Blue!

    (click on the link above for a message from your new Team 7 Blue teachers)

    We are looking forward to working with you this 2020-2021 school year.


    Your 1st assignment of the year: sign up for your Social Studies Google Classroom.

    Look at your schedule and find the period that you have social studies.

    Use the code below to join your social studies period Google Classroom


    Click on "Google Classroom Links 2020-2021" on the left to go directly to each period's Google Classroom.


    Period 1 - 7qa4ctw

    Period 2 - zsjw2qm

    Period 4 - wswzagp

    Period 5 - fxyslbo

    Period 7 - ka7uldh


    Rich Coelho

    7th grade Social Studies - Team 7 Blue

    email: richard.coelho@wcsdny.org