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    Welcome 8th Grade Parents & Guardians,

    My name is Jeremy Atkins, and I am a Special Education Teacher for 8th grade Social Studies at WJHS. My objective is to provide your child with the best opportunity to receive an education and to ensure that they feel comfortable to challenge themselves in all subject areas. Our classrooms are primarily student-centered which allows students’ the opportunity to learn through several different modalities (hands-on, visual, auditory, etc). Students will have access to two certified teachers who can provide feedback on their classroom progress and can help guide them towards achieving their individualized learning goals. 

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about classroom content or classroom progress. Most content questions can be answered by going through Google classroom which shows current/ previous assignments covered in class.    




    First Days of School Email  


    Hi Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    Please take the time to check-in with all of your teachers on Google Classroom to accept classroom requests. Most teachers have google classroom codes on their individual webpages. Google classroom is typically used to help students and parents keep track of their assignments, due dates, and announcements. On the first few days of remote learning, teachers will provide basic information on how students can access this information. 

    Please contact us through email or google classroom if you are having problems with signing-in, limited access to the internet, and/or difficulties navigating these resources. Also, take the time to check-out your teacher’s website. Each teacher provides clear expectations for their class and also provides current/ previous assignments that are printable. 


    Office Hours: 7:30-3pm (Mon-Fri) 

    Social Studies Teachers (8th Grade) 

    Cara Budd 

    Kenneth Tornatore

    Mr. Caruso 





     Name: Jeremy Atkins 

     Position: 8th Grade ICT Special Education Teacher (Social Studies)

     Email: Jeremy.Atkins@wcsdny.org

     Phone#: (845) 298-5200   EXT. 50757