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    What is Cross Country? 

    Cross Country is an endurance sport that focuses on long distance running that tests individuals both physically and mentally. A Cross Country team is usually made up of seven (7) or more runners who try to score the top places as quickly as possible. Only five (5) runners can score points for their team but the other team members can help to displace other teams to improve their chances of winning. This sport can be challenging because most young atheletes are not conditioned for longer endurance running. However, this doesn't prevent new athletes from improving their personal goals and having a great time. 

    All Cross Country runners meet in the technology wing at the beginning of practice everyday. The coach will explain the expectations of the day and give feedback on a runners performance. The team will complete a warm-up routine that consists of jogging, dynamic stretching and recovery drills. Afterwards, the team will recieve their assignments for practice. Depending on a runners abilities, the coach will alter the practice to meet that individuals needs. Cross Country practices happens on the Wappingers Junior High School grounds and usually stay within a specific section for the duration of that day.


    When are practices?

    Modified Cross Country practices are held Mondays - Thursdays from 2:30- 3:45pm. Fridays are considered cross training days to help with recovery. Cross training is independant practices that involve movement other than running (examples- walking, hiking, bike rides, basketball, weightlifting, etc). 

    What can I expect during practices? 

    Expect a lot of running. The key to improving your skills as a runner is by practicing consistently and challenging your body. Practices will always have a warm-up, stretches elements, a specific goal and finally a cool-down. We build in water breaks based on the intensity of the day. Safety the primary concern every practice. Healthy habits play a huge part to staying safe; from appropriate clothing, to good hydration and comfortable running shoes.  


    What type of equipement will I need? 

    -Comfortable clothing (dependent on the weather) 

    -Running Shoes: No Metal Spikes

    -Water, Water, Water!!!!

    -Team uniform for meets 

    -Change of clothes after practices/ games


Meet Schedule 2023

Modified Cross Country Meet Schedule 2023*