• Mrs. O’Neill


    Due to the school closure, we will be out of school for the next 2 weeks.  We were in the middle of our NYS Exam preparation unit, but at this point I am not sure if/when you will be taing this exam.  If you find yourself with some free time or would like to keep up with your ELA skills during your time at home, here are a few options:

    1.  i-Ready: feel free to complete as many lesson as you want

    2.  READ!  Please continue to read your independent reading book and be ready to conference with me when we return to school.  You will still be required to read 250 pages this marking period.  If you want to keep up with what I am reading over this break, follow me on my Instagram (@mrs_oneill_ela)

    3.  News ELA: Use your school email to set up a free account and brouse tons of current events articles.

    But most importantly, take care of yourself and your family.  And if you need anything feel free to email me at krista.oneill@wcsdny.org 



    English Language Arts 7 & 7H


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