• 4/1/20




    During these difficult times, my main priority is making sure my students are safe and cared for. If I can be of any service to you, please email me at heather.cameron@wcsdny.org and I will get back to you ASAP.

    If find yourself with some free time and/or would like to avoid the regression (look that word up) of your ELA skills, I am giving you some options of ELA-related activities. Please keep in mind that the unit we had left off with last week, preparing for the NY State ELA Exam, is obviously not an issue at this point. In fact, I do not know if/when you'll be taking the state exam.

    1. i-Ready is a fantastic resource. Please try to complete a few lessons. I will offer extra credit to those students who put forth effort and complete lessons, up until 4/3/20. REGENTS: 1 hour=1 point on your Q3 average / HONORS: 1.5 hours=1 point on your Q3 average. Points cannot be used to exceed 95% and no more than 5 points will be given per student.

    2. READ! Look around your house for an independent reading book or explore some online books. Try to read every day. :)

    3. Check-out the NewsELA website. You can use your school Google account and read any number of current events articles. You may even recognize some articles we've used in class!

    4. Use the "Online Games and Activities" link on my website. Brush up on your grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc.

    Please take care of yourself and others. Be well...

    -Ms. Cameron