• Hello! Welcome to my website! My name is Mr. Secas (see-kus), and I am the Social Studies teacher for Team 7 Yellow!

    Here are the invite links and codes for our Google Classrooms split by each period. Make sure you are joining your proper period!

    Period 2: Click Here 

    Period 3:  Click Here

    Period 4: Click Here

    Period 7: Click Here

    Period 8 Honors: Click Here


    The best way to get in contact with me and to stay up to date on classroom news/updates is to join in on my Remind App list. You can either download the app onto your smartphone or text 81010 with this message

    @ss7hy22" for honors Remind Class


    @ss7ry22 " for the regents class.


    Remind is the best way to get in contact with me directly outside of school!