• About the Teacher

    Hi! Welcome to seventh grade science! I look forward to 
    challenging students with hands on experiments and to exploring all
    avenues that science has to offer. In 2009 I graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a B.S. in 
    Education and Biology along with a minor in Chemistry. In January 2014, I received a masters from
    Western Connecticut State University in Instructional Technology. In past years I have taught 
    Living Environment at John Jay High School and science at Van Wyck 
    Junior High School. This will be my twelth exciting year with Wappingers Junior High School!
    My hobbies include playing the drums, running, mountain biking and snowboarding. I am the 

    the coach for the
    Modified Volleyball Team and am also one of many chaperons for our school ski club,

    Boston and Washington D.C. Trip. If you are interested in any of these, do not hesitate to ask!
    I think it is important that students are aware of the many applications of
    science in the world. A background in the biological sciences will:
    -Give students the tools to be able to understand life's processes.
    -Allow students to analyze and interpret the world around them.
    -Expose students to different outlets in science.
    -Provide students with the proper tools to make informed decisions as a
    competent citizen and interact with others in a knowledgeable way.

    Calvin and Hobbs Duplicator