Generally speaking, there very little homework over the 10 weeks that may require after-school attention and one is the laundry assignment, where students will be responsible for doing 5 loads of laundry. Do not worry if you're hesitant about them washing your clothing, it can be only the laundry that they use- clothing, sheets, towels etc.. SO if they make any mistakes, it is with their own clothes.


    Before participation in certain labs, all required work must be done and can be completed as homework as it is necessary to see that the student understand techniques or safety issues. If the work is not complete, the student may forfeit his/her opportunity to participate in that lab. Therefore it is essential that the student budget his/her time and finish assignments in a timely fashion.


         Also since advanced notice is given for all assignments (mostly up to 10-14 days), it is assumed that the assignments will be turned in when the student returns to school. Any late work may be turned in but will have penalty points taken off for the lateness. Thank you.