• Parents, As part of the clothing care unit, you will complete a laundry care assignment at home. While many students already do their own laundry at home, others do not. Please take the time to help your child with this assignment. (See attached letter)

    Directions: Please fill in the chart below completely as you do 5 loads of laundry by yourself or with the help of an adult and have your parent/guardian sign off on the assignment when completed.


    Type of load

    (whites, lights, towel, etc.)

    Wash water temp.

    Rinse water temp.

    Name of wash cycle (ex. Delicates)

    Size of load (ex. Large)

    Laundry aids used (detergent, bleach, fabric softener, ect)

    Dryer settings


    (type of clothing)

    LOAD 1









    LOAD 2









    LOAD 3









    LOAD 4









    LOAD 5