Recommended Materials for Clothing Management:


          The following items are not required, but strongly recommended as these items will allow the students to work with something that expresses their individuality. The materials should not be overly expensive and should cost less than $10. You can find these materials at local businesses like Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Joann's or local Quilting shops.


    ·      ¾ yd of an interesting fabric that represents the students interests- this needs to be 100% cotton or cotton blend.

    Please no fleece or metallic fabrics. This also needs to be cut fabric- not the fat quarter pieces that you can buy. These are not big enough.

    ·      1/3 yd of a different fabric that matches the other fabric

    ·      1/8 yd of a third fabric that can either match or contrast


    If a student cannot obtain the materials- Please let me know so I can make other arrangements.