• Classroom Expectations:


    1.       Be Responsible- Come to class on time ( before the bell rings ) with your materials completed on time. Follow all safety precautions.

    2.     Be Cooperative- Listen and follow directions, make no physical contact with others in the classroom, no wandering around ( you need to stay in your seat.)

    3.     Be Respectful and Courteous to all members of the class.

    4.     Be Positive and open minded- This can be fun, try your hardest and learn something new every day.

    Important Note: Any safety violation will be an automatic referral to an administrator and a phone call home. Lesser problems will be dealt with according to the code of conduct

    Grading- For either Resource Management or Clothing
    Homework- 10%
    Participation - 10%
    Assessments ( Quizzes and Final Exam)  15%
    Classwork and Projects- 65%