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    Sewing Machine Safety Rules

    1.   Being safe is the most important rule- any violation of this will result in an immediate referral.

    2.   No machine may be used when the teacher is not in the room.

    3.   You may use the sewing machine only when given permission by the teacher

    4.   The operator is the only person at the machine-do not carry on conversations while at the sewing machine.

    5.   Operate the machine at a reasonable speed, any speeding violations will result in book work.

    6.   All equipment is to be carried to the machine- Do not throw, slide, toss any equipment and it is to remain on the desk, not in your lap.

    7.   Report any accidents, injuries or broken equipment to the teacher no matter how small they may appear.

    8.   Only 1 person at the iron at a time-Do not stand near the iron if it is not your turn.

    9.   Make sure the iron remains in a standing position at all times.


    If you are caught doing anything unsafe you will be sent to the office.


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    (Without this signature-you cannot sew.)