• If you have an existing account from a previous year in the district, you do not need to reregister.  You can simply sign in using the district login format (see below in bold)

    New Student Google accounts are as follows:

    Username: firstname.lastname@k12.wcsdny.org

    example debra.fox@k12.wcsdny.org

    Joining a Classroom:

    Once you’ve logged into Google, go to the apps menu (in the upper right side- looks like a small grid)

    Choose Google Classroom

    Click on “I am a student”

    Join a class


    Class codes are as follows:

    Period 2 Studio in Art- nifg9


    Period 3 Studio in Art- bqm1jbj


    Period 4 Advanced Art 1- 95dsqkf


    Period 6 3-D Design- cpqv2m1


    Period 7 Advanced 3-D- exw408