Mrs. O'Connell- AVISOR


    Skier! Snowbaorder!



    The Gore BUS refunds will be mailed out when we return to the school buildings. Thank you for your patience during this Covid pandemic!
    Thank you all for a great Ski season! A special shout out to the officers for an awesome year! We wish our officers/seniors the best of luck next year! We will miss you all at RCK.
    We will be in need of new officers next year and will discuss this further when we can hold our 1st Ski Club meeting.
    Stay safe and healthy Ski club members!!

    The RCK SKI CLUB is pleased to announce its last trip of the season!

    2/29/20 LEAP DAY!!! 

    Mount Snow, Vermont trip

    Leave RCK: 5:30am

    Return from Mount Snow: 7:30p

    Please be prompt!

    We are looking forward to an amazing day on the slopes- it's supposed to be a cold day on the mountain so bring extra facial protection & dress in layers.

    Students will be stopping on the way home (30 minutes) to have a quick bite to eat with their friends.

    The Ski Club would like to thank the officers, chaperones & especially all of the students for making these trips a blast for all! 

    We could not have done it without everyone's help! :) 

    A special shout out to Catherine, Sophia, & Aidan for helping run the Ski club this year. You will all be greatly missed next year!! 

    Please note- any students who paid for trips but do not attend, will be receiving refunds later in the school year.

    2/22  OKEMO,Vermont TRIP

    Leave RCK for Okemo: 5:30am

    Return from Okemo: Approx 7:30pm

    Please be prompt! Thanks all! 

    We are looking forward to a fun filled day at Okemo where conditions are expected to be really good!  

    The Ski Club is excited to announce its last MANDATORY meeting of the year:
    Date 2/11/20
    Time: 2:30p-3:30p
    Location: RCK Library
    Okemo & Snow payments are due! Cash only! Exact change only PLEASE.
    Students will be paying for Okemo ($74) and Mount Snow ($53)
    Any student who paid for Gore ($51) and is going to Okemo ($74) can apply the Gore payment to Okemo and will owe $23 (for the Okemo ticket)
    All students are required to place each payment in a white envelope to include the folloiwng:
    -student name
    -mountain name
    -exact cash amount
    Envelopes should be sealed to prevent monies from falling out. Students who are attending Okemo and Mount Snow need to submit 2 separate envelopes.
    If students are taking lessons, this should be included in another envelope. This helps the officers ensure our numbers are EXACT when ordering the lift tickets or securing lessons. Thanks for your help in this matter!! :) 
    2/5 UPDATE. The students had a great time skiing at Windham and look forward to their next trip to Okemo, VT on 2/22/19.
    The bus will leave RCK at 5:30am. Please be prompt. The bus should return by approximately 7:30p. Students will text or call parents when they are a half hour awat from RCK. 
    ****PLEASE NOTE ****
    The 1/25 Gore Mountain trip has been cancelled due to rain/ice scheduled at Gore this weekend. Hazardous road conditions may be in affect. Students will discuss rescheduling the Gore trip or they will be refunded their money if the trip is not rescheduled.
    The 2/1 Windham trip is on and scheduled for next weekend. Students will be leaving for Windham on Sat 2/1 at 6am.
    WELCOME Students & Parents to the 2019-2020 school year!!! 
    ***PLEASE text @Ski4fun to 81010- All messages regarding Ski Club announcement and trips will be sent through the Remind app***
    The Ski Club is pleased to announce our 4th meeting of the season!!
    Date: January 15th, 2020
    Location: RCK CAFETERIA
    This meeting is MANDATORY for students attending Gore and Windham trips.
    Gore & Windham lift ticket payments are due at the next meeting. Cash only for lift tickets & EXACT change please! 
    Please submit 1 envelope for each trip to include student name, mountain name and amount of payment on the outside of the envelope. Students attending both trips should submit 2 separate envelopes.
    Students who don't pay for the lift tickets at the next meeting will not have a lift ticket ordered for them through the mountian ticket sales office.
    Sweatshirt orders are in! Theywill be passed out at the meeting! 
    Thanks for your cooperation!! 
    JUST A REMINDER- there are no BUS refunds!! 
    The Ski Club is please to announce its 3rd meeting of the year.
    Date: Dec 12th
    Time: 2:30p- 3:30p
    Location: LIBRARY
    Please note this is a MANDATORY MEETING!!
    Students will be signing up for buses and paying transportation fees at our next meeting. Please note bus payments are non-refunable. NO EXCEPTIONS. Once the coach buses are paid, they will not refund our money. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.
    Students are required to bring the following paperwork to the Dec 12th meeting:
    ~Bus payments- checks payable to RCK Ski Club
    ~Ski club paperwork filled out and signed by both students and parents
    ~A copy of student's health insurance card
    ~1st Q report card- this needs to be printed outside of school as the RCK offices will not print student report cards for Ski Club purposes.
    ~Sweatshirt orders(cash payments only) $30 if interested in purchasing a sweatshirt
    Students who do not pay for the bus at the after school meeting on Dec 12th will not have a seat reserved on the bus and therefore are ineligible to joing Ski Club. If students are still interested in joining the Ski Club after the next meeting, but have not paid or submitted paperwork, they will be placed on a wait list.
    Any questions or concerns, please email Mrs. O'Connell @ eileen.oconnell@wcsdny.org or through the Remind app.
    Students were informed that Mrs. O'Connell is not teaching in the building this year although she is still running the Ski Club. All communication between meetings should go through the Remind app or Mrs. O'Connell's email. 
    We hope to see you all at the next meeting!! :) 

    The Ski Club was pleased to see such a great turnout at our 1st Informational Meeting!! Thanks to all of those students who attended. We are looking forward to an exciting and adventurous winter ski season! 

    Any students who did not attend the October 17th meeting are required to attend the November meeting. Students who do not attend the monthly Ski club meetings are ineligible to particiapte in the club. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

    The Ski Club is pleased to announce their 2nd meeting.

    Ski Club  

    Date: November 13th, 2019

    Time: 2:30p-3:15p

    Location: To be determined @ RCK

    Students will be receiving Ski club packets at the next meeting which will include pricing information, bus fees, emergency paperwork, & sweatshirt orders if they did not receive a form at the 1st meeting. Please bring in sweatshirt orders and cash payments.

    The RCK Ski Club is pleased to announce our trip dates & mountains this year:

    January 25th- Gore, NY

    February 1st- Wyndam, NY

    February 22nd- Okemo, VT 

    February 29th- Mount Snow, VT

    Thanks again to our awesome officers for helping to run the Ski club this year!

    President: Catherine Stabe

    Secretary: Sophia Poorman

    Treasurer: Aidan Simonetty


    IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Please sign up for the Remind notifications so you recieve all important notices sent out form the Ski Club:

    Text: 81010

    Class code: @ski4fun

    Students who have never skied or snowboarded before are required to pay and arrange for a lesson on the mountain 2 weeks ahead of the trip date. Parents can contact the mountains directly to arrange for lessons. Helmets are mandatory! 

    Students are also required to bring their own equipment on the ski trip as rentals on the mountains can sometimes take hours. Students can visit Potter Brothers in Fishkill or Ski Haus in Brewster for rentals. The sooner students rent their equipment, the better chance of them getting something they are comfortable with.

    Please don't hesitate to email Mrs. O'Connell, Ski Club Advisor if you have any concerns or questions.


    Thank you!

    See you all in November!



    The RCK Ski & Snowboard Club is excited to announce it's 1st informational meeting!


    Date: October 17th, 2019

    Time: 2:30p- 3:15p

    Location: RCK Library

    All returning & new students are WELCOME to attend!!!

    All Ski Club meetings will take place on Thursdays after school at RCK. 

    Any student interested in joining the club should come to the 1st informational meeting. Students who do not attend the meetings will be ineligible to participate in the Ski Club.

    Students will be required to sign up for REMIND to ensure they are aware of important information regarding our meeting dates and Ski trips.

    If you have any questions please email Mrs. O'Connell @ eileen.oconnell@wcsdny.org 

    Looking forward to a great season!!!