• ***Important Message Below!

    Parents/Guardians and Students, 

    I hope all of you are doing well during this trying time. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of my expectations for Earth Science class during the 'continuity of learning' period which begins April 3rd.

    On April 3rd the first formal Earth Science assignment will be posted on my Earth Science google classrooms (if students have not already joined their Earth Science google classroom instructions to join can be found below). This assignment and all assignments moving forward are mandatory. These assignments will be graded and will 'count' towards class averages.

    The assignment posted on April 3rd will act as a check-in to google classroom so please ensure that the assignment is completed in a timely fashion. After receiving this assignment from students I will assume that they can successfully access their respective google classroom and complete the required coursework. I would ask that all students log into their respective Earth Science google classroom each day regardless of if there is work due that day or not. I will be using google classroom as my primary way to communicate to my students.

    I understand that some students may have difficulty accessing the required technology to complete some or all of the posted assignments. If this is the case please email me directly so that alternate assignments can be issued. The district is currently working on a process for getting hard copies of assignments to students.

    As we begin our remote learning there will likely be questions and issues that arise. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns. I will be working from home during school hours and I will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible. I realize that 'continuity of learning' will be a bit of a bumpy road for all of us, but I will be here to support you in every way I can.


    Chris Luhmann


    Instructions for joining your Earth Science google classroom:

    -Go to google.com

    -Login to your school google account

    -Click on the 'dots' on the top right and choose classroom

    -Join classroom by entering the appropriate code from below

    Period 1-2 Earth Science: wazg2to

    Period 2-3 Honors Earth Science: u337mow

    Period 7-8 Earth Science: 6pd5mfa