• All Assignments for the next two weeks (March 17th - March 30th) will be posted on google classroom. Please email me or text me through remind if you need me.

    Subject: Italian 1, Italian 2, and Italian 3
      Italian 3 RCK Period 2 room 344
      Italian 2 RCK Periods 4, 7 and 8 room 340
      Italian 1 RCK Period 3 room 340
    Email: rosemarie.conti@wcsdny.org
    Phone:  845-298-5100 x 31034RCK
    Welcome Message: Benvenuti alla classe d'italiano! 
    1 1/2 inch Binder (or larger) Divided into three sections: Notes, Verbs, Vocabulary
    Paper - loose-leaf 
    Blue or Black Pens/Pencils 
    Class work
    Tests and Quizzes
    Class Participation and Speaking   Situations
    Notebook Quizzes
    Final Exam 20% of the Average
     Classroom Expectations:
    • Students should be on time and prepared to begin work when the bell rings.

    • Students should be prepared for class with notes, binder, homework, dictionary, and pen/pencil.

    • Students will follow classroom and school rules.

    • Students should be respectful and mindful of each other.

    • Homework assignments, and projects should be handed in when due. Projects will not be accepted late, unless it is an excused absence (illness).

    • Student is responsible for all work and homework missed during absence, field trip, music lesson, etc.