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    REGENTS Code: S441 1 credit Rank weight = 1.00
    Prerequisite: Completion of Science 8R and Math 8R

    HONORS Code: S461 1 credit  Rank weight = 1.04
    Recommendation: Participation in the eighth grade Earth Science program with a minimum final average of 85%, or 90% average in ninth grade Earth Science
    This is a full-year Regents Biology course.  It is a comprehensive overview of life on Earth.

    We will look at:

    1. Science as a Process
    2. The Chemistry of Life
    3. Cell structure and function
    4. Genetics
    5. Evolution and Classification
    6. Plant systems
    7. Animal systems
    8. Ecology

    In the classroom, you are expected to:

    • Respect all people and all property at all times
    • Arrive on time and prepared for class
    • Be responsible for your own work

    Laboratory work is an important part of learning any science.  It is also a
    requirement for taking the NYS Regents exam in June.  New York State will not let you take the Regents exam if you haven’t successfully completed the lab requirements.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all
    necessary lab work finished on time.

    Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom.  You will be issued a textbook
    that you will be responsible for – treat it kindly and use it well.  Use the
    Internet and any other resources that will help you explore the topics we
    discuss in class.  Extra help is always available.

      40% Tests and projects
      30% Quizzes
      15% Lab assignments
      15% Homework and class participation


    If you are absent, we will make arrangements to makeup missed work in a
    reasonable timeframe.  If you are not legally absent, then you will receive
    no credit (-0-) for work missed during your absence.

    Cell phones, Ipods, MP3 players and other electronic devices are not allowed during the class period.  If you have one of these devices, you will be asked to turn it off and put it away.  If you do not, the device will be confiscated.  If you do not surrender your device, you will be asked to leave the class and surrender the device to your administrator.

    A positive learning environment is the goal.  Anyone whose actions actively interfere with this goal will be referred to the department coordinator and building administration for removal from the classroom.  They will be welcomed back once they commit to making a serious effort towards achieving to the best of their potential and allowing their classmates to do the same.

    **I'm available for after-school help and any other time by appointment**

    My hypothesis:
    If you don't study or hand in your assignments and labs, then you will not
    pass this class