Our goal is to promote a safe and healthy community in which students will be encouraged to become life-long learners, self-managers, and self-advocates for health, education, and other issues. This site contains valuable information that is beneficial to students and parents of students at Roy C. Ketcham High School.  


    To help you get better acquainted with us, the following are highlights of the Health Office:

    - Open during school hours.

    - Staffed full-time by 2 Registered Nurses.

    - Provides first aid only for injuries sustained at school.

    - Provides a rest area for ill or injured students until they can return to class or are picked up by a parent or other designee. 

    - Provides health screenings yearly, arranges for physical exams (if necessary), and advises parents of any abnormal findings which may need further evaluation.

    - Administers medications to students when necessary, only after the medication are followed as directed.

    - Maintains CONFIDENTIAL medical records for each student.

    - Consults with parents/guardians regarding health and well-being on a routine basis.

    - Provides physical education excuses and updates for injuries and health concerns.

    - Reviews sports/family ID registration and health documents for participation.

    It is important that the school nurse is notified of significant changes in your child's health status as soon as they occur. Health problems can play a dramatic role in your child's academic wellness. By making the school aware of problems, health or otherwise, you will be helping your child achieve the best of their ability.

    It is also very important that you provide the school with emergency contact information, especially phone numbers. If you are not available, the Health Office must have the phone number of someone else who will be able to pick up your child if they are sick or injured.


    Thank you!


    Morgan Gilardo RN BSN                     Summer Serrano RN BSN                       Connie DeRise 

    School Nurse                                          School Nurse                                             Health Aide

    Morgan.Gilardo@wcsdny.org             Summer.Serrano@wcsdny.org                Connie.Derise@wcsdny.org  


    Please feel free to contact the Health Office with any questions you may have

    Email, fax, mail or directly hand in any supporting documents

    RCK Health Office Hours 7:25 am- 2:25 pm

    Phone: 845-298-5100 ext. 31023

    Fax 845-298-5055